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Leisure & Recreation



  • 376 km long coastline
  • Picturesque bays, sand dunes, caves
  • A favourable climate: 120 days a year with air and water temperature above 18 °C
  • No dangerous plants or animals
  • Modern hotels conforming to the latest global accommodation standards
  • Water sports, tourist attractions


  • Mountains, with an altitude of up to 2,925 m and an exceptionally diverse landscape
  • Mid and high mountain relief covers 29% of the country’s territory
  • Duration of the ski season at the high mountain resorts – 200 days
  • 4 international ski resorts: Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko, Vitosha with numerous accommodations


  • Rafting along the Struma River - Bulgaria offers many rivers to the thrill-seeker, which are suitable for white-water rafting in spring and early summer
  • Hiking and orienteering at Vitosha, Pirin, Rodopi or Rila Mountains
  • Off-road jeep and quad bike safaris
  • Scuba and deep-water diving, wrecked ship exploration